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Welcome to the Reiki Hippie family, where we kneel before the awesomeness of spiritual well-being. Our tribe is all about tapping into the mystical forces that bring balance and serenity to our lives. Come on over and embark on an adventure towards inner harmony and rejuvenation! Feel the transformational force of our Reiki and holistic services. Don't miss a beat! Sign up for our newsletter and join the movement.


Q. How can Reiki Hippie help me?                                                                               

A. Let Reiki Hippie be your guide to zen vibes and a balanced life. Our Reiki sessions and other wellness services work magic on your body, mind, and soul, rejuvenating them to their fullest potential. Plus, our monthly newsletter and calendar will keep you updated on all the good vibes of the month!

Q. How does Reiki support healing?                                                                            

A.Reiki is like a gentle hug for your soul, a non-invasive approach to healing that dials down stress, cranks up relaxation, and brings balance to your body. This nurturing technique goes beyond the physical realm, working on your emotional and energetic levels, to give a boost to your body's own healing mechanism.                                                                                   


Q. What is in the Newsletter?                                                                                   

A. Our Newsletter is your one-stop-shop for the latest scoop on events, but wait, there's more! I have jam-packed each issue with an arsenal of vibrational healing tools to power up your month. From Reiki moves and symbols to Flower Essences that'll help you ride the vibe, we've got you covered. Plus, each edition features monthly crystals, Lightbody Frequencies, Affirmations to level up your personal growth, and a celestial Angel of the Month. Don't forget to check out the energetic theme of the month to up your game!   


Q. What is the Monthly Theme?                                                                                  

A. Every month, we wrap ourselves in a unique intention or theme that helps us connect with our inner selves and the world. It's a monthly mindfulness boost that helps us sprout, and find purpose in our lives.

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