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Reiki and Crystals

This is a Reiki technique for distance healing using crystals. It sends a continuous flow of Reiki energy for healing someone. They can be used for manifesting or affirmations too.

You need 8 crystals – clear quartz or rose quartz are good or use your intuition.

Single points or tumbled smooth stones are sufficient.

Clear the crystals by giving them Reiki, drawing the symbols over them or whichever method you prefer.

Place six of the crystals at equal points around a circle somewhere that it will not be disturbed.

Place a photo of the person or a piece of paper with their name on it in the centre & place the 7th crystal in the centre on top of the photo or piece of paper (can be a cluster, pyramid or crystal ball).

The 8th crystal will be used as the Master crystal & will be used to beaming energy to the others. You can use a wand or crystal pendant.

Charge each crystal with the Reiki energy by visualizing the symbols sinking into the surface or drawing them over whilst saying the kotodama.

Use the power symbol & distance symbol for every healing.

You can use Sei He Ki if there is an emotional component.

Finish with the central crystal.

You can ask your guides to assist you.

Do not move the crystals once they are in place.

Every day use the Master Crystal to keep your Reiki Grid charged.

Recharge the Master Crystal then touch the central crystal with it to set the healing in motion.

You can draw the Reiki Symbols on the back of the photo or paper to intensify the process.

You may feel that additional crystals are required e.g. relating to the chakra points or to Zodiac attributes.

I find that if you intend for continuous healing at the start the daily power up is not required & the healing will continue until the grid is broken.