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Level One Ascended Masters Attunement


Ascended Masters Attunement

Prior to 1960, this planet for the last 3.1 billion years

basically dealt with the seven major rays. These seven rays


1. First ray: power, will and purpose (red)

2. Second ray: love/wisdom (blue)

3. Third ray: active or creative intelligence (yellow)

4. Fourth ray: harmony (emerald green)

5. Fifth ray: concrete science (orange)

6. Sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo)

7. Seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet)

Then in approximately 1970 a most extraordinary event occurred on this planet. There was a special dispensation to this planet of five new rays

These five new rays are:

8. Eighth ray: higher cleansing ray (seafoam green)

9. Ninth ray: joy, attracting the body of light (blue-green)

10. Tenth ray: anchoring of the body of light, inviting soul merge (pearlescent)

11. Eleventh ray: bridge to the new age (pink-orange)

12. Twelfth ray: anchoring of the new age and the Christ consciousness (gold)

The twelve rays are the twelve planetary rays that exist on this planet. Each is a stepped down version of the original cosmic rays at the Creator levels. This does not mean they are not powerful, on the contrary they are perfectly powerful for all of us here on Earth

Each human being is created from many of these rays, which give us our attributes. Each of us are stronger in some rays and weaker in others. That is why it is important to call on the rays to balance oneself

If you want personal power, call on the red ray

If you want cleansing, call on the eighth ray

If you are doing scientific work, call on the fifth ray

If you want devotion, call on the sixth ray

If you want transmutation, call on the seventh ray

If you want pure Christ consciousness, call on the twelfth ray

If you want to attract your body of light, call on the tenth ray

These Attunements connect you with the Ascended Masters of the first seven rays:

El Morya

Djwhal Khul


Serapis Bey

Paul the Venetian



Lady Nada

Saint Germain



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