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The Cosmic Ascended Masters Attunement

Ascended Masters Reiki Attunements based in Northern Ireland

Great Beings of Light

The cosmic rays are sourced from the Godhead at the Creator level and then filtered through each level (cosmic, multi-universal, universal, galactic, solar) and then down to Earth

Humanity has only been accessing the rays since the late 1990s

The Cosmic Rays are stronger than the Planetary Rays. The Rays really help you increase your vibration and the amount of Light you hold.

The cosmic rays are not yet totally grounded into Mother Earth, as

most of humanity is not yet ready for them. Attuning yourself to the cosmic rays is extremely important to accelerate your personal ascension process and that of the entire planet

Each attunement to the cosmic rays grounds the energies into your being as well as the Earth

When enough of humanity has

grounded the cosmic rays, they will begin permanently

anchoring into the center of Mother Earth, accelerating the

beginning of the Golden Age.

Each Ray has an Ascended Master connected with it. These Attunements will enhance your connection to the Masters:

Helios, our Solar Logos

Vywamus, the higher self of Sanat Kumara

Adonis, the cosmic heart of our galaxy

Melchior, our Galactic Logos

Lord of Sirius and Lord of Arcturus, Galactic Logoi

Lenduce, the oversoul of Sanat Kumara

Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos

Lord Metatron, Head of the Archangels

The Mahatma

The Cosmic Council of Twelve

The Source or Godhead Level


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