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Energy Healing

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Reiki an ancient hands-on healing technique said to originate in the Buddhist traditions of the East;

‘Rei’ meaning Universal & ‘Ki’ meaning Life Force Energy. 

Reiki is therefore universal life force energy, which is guided by unconscious intelligence. 

People understand the origin of this energy in different ways depending on their religious beliefs e.g. God, Source, other higher beings, and the environment. There are similar hands-on healing techniques throughout the world

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that uses the meridians to move energy through the body

Reiki is a beautiful treatment with many people experiencing a sense of peace, calm & well being

The treatment facilitates the release of blockages, encouraging better energy flow throughout the body and helps to alleviate pain​

The body begins to balance on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels


When you receive a Reiki treatment you will feel a boost in your energy/chi/prana/life force, a cleanse of your aura energy field & your chakras will be unblocked and free spinning


Reiki works on many conditions including stress related conditions, headaches, fatigue, panic attacks, stiff, aching & broken bones, muscle trauma and anxiety​

During and after a Reiki treatment you will experience deep relaxation, harmony & balance

Stress will be released, tensions soothed, pain reduced & anxiety somewhat eased​

Reiki may also be used on pets, plants & situations

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Emotional Trauma Absent or Distant Healing Releasing Mental Blockages Releasing Emotional Blockages Grounding Stress

Sleep Patterns Life Balance Healing Situations Self Healing Manifesting Goals Crystal Grids Cleansing a Room Enlightenment

Pendulum Healing Releasing long held emotions Emotional Trauma Accessing the Akashic Records Group Healing Cleansing & Powering up Food & Drink Crystals to cleanse & charge Powering up Complementary Medicines Powering up Vitamins & Minerals Energizing Flower Remedies Cleansing & energizing aromatherapy oils Healing of plants Rectifying mechanical items

Animal welfare healing Cosmetic products

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Distance Reiki works because in the big wide cosmos there is no separation of time & space


If we are talking quantum physics, we could be living simultaneously in different dimensions, so Reiki energy travelling around the globe is an easy one!

Shamballa recognizes the Oneness of all beings. From this understanding Distance Healing is as powerful as if you where in the room with me. There is no distance if all is One.

The felt experience for you receiving Shamballa Distance Reiki is not all that different from an in person session. 

No need to Zoom, Teams or be on the end of a phone

I'll let you know in advance of sending

You can lie down and receive Reiki directly as it is sent to you

You can request it to be sent to your higher self

and later you can rest & bring the energy down to you

Or, you can go about your normal business & let the Reiki flow around you & integrate as you go

reiki healing
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Stress is another word for fear. Stress is the single largest factor in causing ill health in the mind, body spirit axis


Whilst some stress can be positive, it can become harmful if not kept at a reasonable level


Continued exposures to stressful events can lead to anxiety, depression, indigestion, stomach ulcers, muscle aches & heart problems




Glands affected: Adrenals


Where should you treat with reiki?


On the back, at heart level and on the back at adrenals level

On the front with one hand on thymus and the other on the spleen

Balance the 3rd & 4th chakras and by placing on hand on the sole of each foot

reiki for fatigue
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Fatigue stems from life without harmony, the body is saying it is out of balance


Living in a state of tension slows down vital energy, organs become fatigued & toxins build up. Balance is lost, reserves are used & weariness sets in



Reiki with one hand on thymus gland one hand on spleen

Balance 3rd & 4th chakras together. Reiki both hands slightly above waist. 

Reiki one the back over the adrenals & upper part of Kidneys

Anxiety is when a you have a heightened sense of emotional awareness in relation to a fear or concern. Anxiety may appear on a broad spectrum, from mild unease to debilitating fear. A multitude of systematic responses in varying degrees may include, chest pain, breathing difficulties, muscle spasm, pain, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, sweating, dizziness, irrational fears, sleep disturbance, excessive worry, fatigue and restlessness


High levels of anxiety are caused by an imbalance of the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Normally these organs become imbalanced due to large amounts of sugar, acid rich foods of excess thinking/mulling


Anxiety causes premature ageing, muscle tension, weakness of the immune systems and kidneys

The glands affected are the pineal, hypothalamus & adrenals

Using Reiki treat the spleen, pancreas, stomach on the front. On the back treat the kidneys & adrenals

On the crown butterfly position treat & have the person say "I am open to life & its infinite flow". On the solar plexus "I am willing to redefine myself & know I am not alone in this world"


Anxiety can be seen as a separation from oneness or source of life, this separation happens when we get so focused on doing it ourselves we fail to remember God or what we hold as that creative essence also sources us

Anxiety heightens as we put ourselves first, squeezing all the joy out of life and disconnecting ourselves from our Divine Source

We feel, fear and think we are alone

reiki for anxiety
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