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Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique said to originate in the Buddhist traditions of the East;

‘Rei’ meaning Universal & ‘Ki’ meaning Life Force Energy. 

Reiki is therefore universal life force energy, which is guided by unconscious intelligence. 

People understand the origin of this energy in different ways depending on their religious beliefs e.g. God, Source, other higher beings, and the environment

There are similar hands-on healing techniques throughout the world

what is reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that uses the meridians to move energy through the body



Reiki is a beautiful treatment with many people experiencing a sense of peace

calm & well being


The treatment facilitates the release of blockages, encouraging better energy flow throughout the body and helps to alleviate pain​


The body begins to balance on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels



When you receive a Reiki treatment you will feel a boost in your energy/chi/prana/life force, a cleanse of your aura energy field & your chakras will be unblocked and free spinning

Reiki in Northern Ireland | Reiki Hippie
Reiki Northern Ireland | Reiki Hippie

reiki help

Reiki works on many conditions including stress related conditions, headaches, fatigue,

panic attacks, stiff, aching & broken bones, muscle trauma and anxiety



During and after a Reiki treatment you will experience deep relaxation, harmony & balance

Stress will be released, tensions soothed, pain reduced & anxiety somewhat eased


Reiki may also be used on pets, plants & situations

Emotional Trauma

Absent or Distant Healing

Releasing Mental Blockages

Releasing Emotional Blockages



Sleep Patterns

Life Balance

Healing Situations

Self Healing

Manifesting Goals

Crystal Grids

Cleansing a Room


Pendulum Healing

Releasing long held emotions

Emotional Trauma

Accessing the Akashic Records

Group Healing

Cleansing & Powering up Food & Drink

Crystals to cleanse & charge

Powering up Complementary Medicines

Powering up Vitamins & Minerals

Energizing Flower Remedies

Cleansing & energizing aromatherapy oils

Healing of plants

Rectifying mechanical items

Animal welfare healing

Cosmetic products

reiki in northern ireland reiki hippie
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