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Reiki Hippie flower remedies are handmade in the UK (the home of bach flower remedies) using pure spring water


Preserved in organic brandy, following the original recipe of dr bach


Flower essence remedies are subtle yet STRONG healers

Do not underestimate them!

Flower remedies were discovered in the 1930’s by a medical doctor from England – Dr Bach


He recognized there was a body mind connection and that emotions play a large part in our overall health


Flower Remedies treat emotional imbalances and allow the body use its own ability to heal


They work by encouraging the positive aspects of our personality, and are gentle and natural


I find them a great take home after the emotional release of a reiki treatment and they allow the body to enhance new patterns of emotions that generate in the space left by the removal of stuck energy in a reiki session


These 38 remedies are for mental & emotional healing


The remedies support in a myriad of ways:


* They help us connect opportunities which we think are unrelated


* They open up space to allow us bring in new information, and solutions


* They help with physical symptoms


* They help us release long held trauma, memories and feelings


* They can enhance your dreams and subconscious communication


* Are best taken with intent, during meditation and visualization, with your yoga practice or with a reiki treatment, whilst channeling and karmic cord cutting, akashic record work and past life regression

You can order one of the new custom blends or you can book for a one-to-one consultation with me, whichever you prefer


The tinctures, helps to clear & adjust what's going on with you in the present, and also supports the type of person you are, or what you have become in the past 5 years

they help how you feel on a daily basis

You will receive your custom blend in the post, or your prescription to take your own remedies if you have them

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