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Preventative Healthcare

Pampas Grass


Flower remedies are a magical tool in our wellness kit, working wonders on so many levels. They're like that wise friend who helps connect the dots between random life moments, creating space for new ideas and fresh solutions.

Not just that, these delightful remedies also support our physical health, liberating us from painful memories and emotions. The best part? They can even elevate our dream game and subconscious chatter. The trick is to use them thoughtfully, whether it's during yoga, meditation, or even past life regression sessions. Let these remedies be your wellness wingman!

Reiki Hippie's flower remedies are the perfect blend of old-school tradition and modern-day magic, brewed right in the heart of the UK using pure spring water and organic brandy.

These gentle yet fierce flower essence remedies work wonders, so never judge them by their delicate nature.

Back in the 1930s, a brilliant doc named Dr. Bach recognized the body-mind connection and how emotions have a big role in our overall health. And voila! Flower remedies were born!

These beauties work like an emotional chiropractor, balancing out those inner imbalances and helping our body's natural healing abilities shine.

The best part? These remedies are gentle and totally natural, coaxing our personalities to be the best they can be.

And after a reiki session, they're the perfect take-home gift to keep those good vibes going. Trust us, these flowers know their stuff!


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I've created a range of blends to help with everyday problems

This powerful blend has your back, helping you trust your gut and believe in yourself. It's like a cozy blanket of security, giving you the strength and confidence to conquer anything and everything!

Ditch those anxious butterflies with a dash of bravery and a sprinkle of positivity.


This blend is your new BFF when it comes to stepping into the unknown with calmness and ease, all while feeling connected to the world around you.

Say goodbye to pesky anxieties, phobias, and unfounded fears.


This blend is perfect for anyone who's been battling anxiety, panic attacks, frustration, or downright terror. It's like your own personal cheerleader, cheering you on to feel confident and powerful in your own skin.

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bach flower reiki Experience the healing power of custom blend flower remedies! Discover the wonders of vibrational medicine with our handmade remedies

Get ready to unwind with this magical blend! Sip and savor the benefits of a calm and clear mind, filled with mental clarity, serenity, and peace.


With this soothing mix, you'll be able to unlock hidden answers while embracing tranquility.

Let your mind enjoy a well-deserved vacation as negative self-talk, whirring thoughts, and tension headaches become a thing of the past.


This custom-made blend is infused with Reiki and crystal goodness, making every sip a magical experience.

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