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Seichim Reiki


Seichim (pronounced Say sheem) is an ancient healing technique from Egypt believed to have roots in Atlantis.

The hieroglyph Sekhem translates "power of powers".

Seichim is channeled energy from around us.

Seichim is a powerful energy yet with a gentle feminine feel.

Seichim uses sacred symbols to release deeply held thought forms in the etheric, emotional & mental bodies.

It balances the masculine & feminine energies of power & transformation & accelerates our personal development helping us achieve our full potential

Seichim, like Reiki, has been around for a very long time, being mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Seichim works together with your conscious intent, higher self & angelic guides. It opens your heart creating a multi-dimensional bridge of "at-one-ment" with Source.

Seichim has a different vibrational frequency than Reiki.

Requirement: you must have 2nd degree Reiki prior to doing Seichim 1st degree & Reiki Masters prior to doing Seichim Masters. (Some Seichim Masters insist that you are a Reiki Master before becoming attuned to Seichim).


Its modern history begins in 1978 with Patrick Zeigler, an American who was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Yemen.

He meditated often & had some very powerful spi

ritual experiences & one of his goals was to find a Sufi teacher.

After a year, he had not found one & decided to go to Egypt.

While there he spent a night in a sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid.

He heard a deep sound coming from the Grand Valley & was extremely afraid when he realized it was not human. It hovered above him in an Infinity pattern & he heard a voice say, “This is why you have come”.

Then he was able to let go of fear & open his heart & spend a blissful night.

The divine energy is thought to have been Kwan Yin



Seichim shares some of the Reiki Symbols ChokuRei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen & the Masters symbol. There are many versions of each of th

ese symbols but remember that it is the intention that is important. Use the symbols that feel right for you. I have always felt a closer affinity to the Seichim ChokuRei.

The Seichim symbols have actually found carved on the sides of the Great Egyptian pyramids & also within some of the tombs. They are also referred to in scrolls founds in temples & ancient ruins.


No 8 horizontally

Empowers & enforces the true flow of creation through the divine Yin & Yang which has no ending

Aligns you to God, nature & the inner self

Use at start or end of a Seichim treatment or draw in your palms to activate the energy


A healing symbol with debated origins

The balancing factor

Brings unity of physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual aspects

Grounds & balances the energy

Helps unblock the energy chakras allowing t

he energy to flow

To unblock yourself sign this symbol on your feet

Sign over areas of pain


Seichim’s ‘on/off’ switch

Empowers & magnifies all other symbols

Works as an interdimensional gateway allowing communication on all levels & the ability to access all dimensions

Dissolves barriers to the Higher Self, transcending space & time, allows access to the Soul.


Shining, everlasting, living, waters of Ra (Egyptian Sun God), thus combines Fire & Water

Releases deep negative patterns in physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies

Purifies, protects, synergizes, integrates & unifies all levels of being

Encourages integration of all polarities

Seichim Reiki in Northern Ireland Treatment and classes distance reiki


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