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Healing from Atlantis Time: Unveiling the Power of 352 Symbols

Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing Northern Ireland
Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing

In ancient Atlantis a high priest at the Temple of Healing created a healing system.

He is now known as the Ascended Master Germain

This priest took himself away from the central temples at Atlantis, and journeyed to the far mountains of Atlantis, creating his own tribe, or clan, of Atlanteans called the Inspirers

The Inspirers disconnected themselves from the mainland Atlantean dwellers.

They sought to find a technique and way to equalize the spiritual development of all Atlanteans, in order to abolish and banish race differences which were judged by the psychical and spiritual progression of the Atlantean race.

Many of the Atlanteans who were considered spiritually and psychically backwards were used as slaves by the priests and priestesses and the royal families of the Atlantean island


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