V I B R A T I O N A L   M E D I C I N E

W I T H   F L O W E R  R E M E D I E S

handmade on the border of england & wales using pure spring water,

preserved in organic brandy from the la tour vert region in france

following the original recipe of dr bach

Flower essence remedies are subtle yet STRONG healers

Do not underestimate them!

First discovered in the 1930's by Dr Bach

these 38 remedies are for mental & emotional healing

When you book a session I will send questionnaire from which I need 4 answers, this will lead to your main flower remedy

The tincture, helps to clear & adjust what's going on with you in the present, and also supports the type of person you are, or what you have become in the past 5 years

they help how you feel on a daily basis

you will receive your custom blend in the post

Take 4 drops 4 times daily for 4 weeks & sleep with the bottle under your pillow as these remedies work in your aura to help heal, while you sleep

If you are attuned to Reiki place a few drops on your palm chakras and do your self-treatment in your aura





B O O K   A   C O N S U L T A T I O N