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Natural Anxiety Relief for Your Hang Ups

Natural Anxiety Relief for Your Hang Ups: Reiki-infused Remedy Flower Remedies Reiki Hippie Northern Ireland

"He who overcomes his fear will be truly free"

"Courage isn't having the strength to go on -

it is going on when you haven't the strength"

What you may be dealing with:-

  • apprehension

  • known anxieties & phobias

  • unfounded fears

  • anxious predictions

  • feeling detached

  • panic attacks

  • frustration

  • feeling scared

  • inadequacy

  • isolation

  • lack of confidence

  • downright terror

Benefits of the Blend:-

  • trust the unknown

  • self assurance

  • safety

  • confidence

  • courage

  • security

  • bravery

  • letting go

  • positive attitude

  • ease

  • calmness

  • connected


Chakras helped:-

This remedy concentrates on:

  • your root chakra, to help with your feelings of safety and security,

  • your sacral chakra to help you feel balanced in this world

  • your solar plexus chakra to shine your light and enjoy life


Affirmations to use daily & when taking your remedy:-

I AM not anxious, I AM excited

I AM ready for adventure

I AM filled with courage and inner strength

I AM ready for excitement

I AM open to new life experiences

I AM excited by every new challenge

I recognize each difficulty as an opportunity

I radiate peace & clam

I expect positive outcomes

I have all the courage I need

I can do anything


Directions for use:-

Place 3/4 drops under your tongue, 3/4 times daily for 3/4 weeks

Take and say;

'Anxiety Be Gone'

Place the bottle under your pillow whilst you sleep so the energy of the flower essences can work in your aura, your energetic field during the night

Keep your remedy away from close contact with mobile phones & electronic equipment


Discover anxiety relief for your hang ups with our wellness blog. From conquering fears to finding inner strength, we've got you covered.


Step into the mystical realm of Flower Remedies and let us weave a little magic into your life!

Our hand-crafted remedies are brewed with love, using pure spring water from the border of England and Wales and a splash of organic brandy from the La Tour Vert region in France. Dr. Bach discovered the healing power of these 38 remedies in the 1930s, and we still follow his original recipe today.

Don't be fooled by their delicate nature - these remedies may be gentle but they pack a punch!

They can help us connect the dots, create space for new solutions, and even ease physical symptoms. Plus, they can help release old traumas, enhance our dreams, and open up our subconscious communication.

For maximum enchantment, take them during meditation, yoga, or past life regression.

Simply set your intention, take three drops three times a day for three weeks, and snuggle up with the bottle under your pillow for an extra dose of magic.

And if you're a Reiki practitioner, try adding a few drops to your palm chakras during self-treatment.

Ready for a unique blend tailored to your needs? Just fill out our questionnaire and we'll brew up something special just for you. With our Vibrational Medicine Flower Remedies, you hold the power to heal yourself from within.

Let's celebrate the magic of nature!


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