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Mahatma Reiki

Mahatma Reiki is a marriage of the system of Reiki and the integrated energy of the "I AM Presence" called Mahatma.

The marriage of the nine Reiki symbols and the opportunity available through the "I AM Presence" - Mahatma, gives you the tools to make the changes needed with grace.

Many of you may already be familiar with Reiki. Most of you will have been working

with the Usui system, or a system based on Usui, perhaps with extra symbols. You

therefore, already appreciate the wonderful gifts Reiki brings to your life in many ways.

Mahatma Reiki brings all the wonderful gifts you've been experiencing plus many

more. It is a frequency of divine energy for healing, whose purpose is to empower.

For those of us choosing to work/live and have our "being" in the light, Mahatma Reiki gives you a profound spiritual toolkit to work with. It is a particularly integrated energy to assist you in remembering who you really are.

Reiki creates a "bridge" between our human existence and our oneness with God/Spirit the Universal Presence. By using symbols this attunement to our Godself is made, and becomes a simple and accessible tool for healing on all levels.

Mahatma Reiki, allows alignment and integration in the physical, emotional and mental levels of our being, so that we can more fully access our spiritual potential. Through using this energy in your life on a daily basis you begin to realize who you really are. The word empowerment is the closest description we have to describe this experience.

Mahatma Reiki, and the nine symbols used in this system, creates the bridge for the specific healing of issues, and the empowerment necessary for the profound changes in evolution, we are going through. These changes relate not only to our issues of wholeness and relationship but now encompass opportunities such as Ascension.

Now, as at no time before upon our planet, the opportunity for healing and integration of all aspects of our being, is being made available to all who choose it. Divine equality is Universal Law; no one is better or worse than another. We all are divine expressions of our creator and have within us the "I AM Presence". In the past we worshipped beings who are but a few steps ahead of us on the spiritual path.

The Ascended Masters continue working diligently through the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist us in our evolution. Since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, the planet Earth has graduated and become 4th dimensional. This has allowed many openings for light to be anchored on earth and within us. We are rapidly approaching the time when we too will be graduating. Many will be choosing the opportunity of Ascension and assisting others in this process: thus creating an "ascension popcorn effect."

One of the unique qualities of Mahatma Reiki, that is also true of Usui and the other forms of Reiki is the process of "attunements". You can read every book on Reiki and study the symbols but you will not have Reiki. It is during the process of the attunement that a Master/Teacher passes on the gift of Reiki. You become attuned to the frequency of Reiki, and will experience this healing power in your hands and body, profound peace plus an expanded level of awareness. Therefore to receive Mahatma Reiki, you will need to experience an attunement from a qualified Master/Teacher, usually in a class.

Mahatma Reiki Northern Ireland

Mahatma Reiki includes:

Ascended Master Ascension Attunements

Archangel & Elohim Activations

Soul Star Mantras

12 Chakra & DNA Activations

Ascension Seats

Fire letters, key codes & sacred geometry

Core Fear Matrix Removal Program

Order of Melchizedek

Light Packets from Sirius

Monadic Blueprint Body Anchoring

Cosmic Heart Anchoring

Antahkarana Widening & Unified Chakra Work

Kundalini Alignment

Ray Work

Karmic Tie Cutting

Silver Violet Flame

Merkaba work

Entity Release



Christ Consciousness Grid

Vow Breaks

Over 100 Symbols

The word “Mahatma” is one coined by the Archangel Metatron who directly serves the Source I AM Presence.

An Ascended Master known as Vywamus proposed this term also to define the teaching aspect of the Source in a manner that was palatable to the consciousness of the Lightworkers on the planet.

Visualize, if you will please, that this consciousness of the Mahatma is spherical, or feminine in form. We draw on this from the metaphysical concept that the Source of Creation is also a sphere that contains everything within itself and that there is nothing outside of it. In like manner, the human soul is also a sphere and all of its incarnations are points of light similar to the 360 degrees on a sphere.

In our limited consciousness we have been taught that time is linear, receding behind us and moving into the future before us. In our three dimensional consciousness we have also accepted the limitations of the straight lines of width, depth and length. We have placed our consciousness into a box and we have lost touch with the feminine side of the geometry. Many have accepted the belief that there is only one lifetime and that there is a whole lot of judgment going on, but not a whole lot of love from the Creator. Divine Love, the feminine aspect of the I AM Consciousness, has been pushed out of the picture as it cannot be measured by our limited logical sciences.

In Reality, everything that has ever happened is still existing now in our consciousness, yet to access a past life or a few is still seen to be a linear experience in terms of years and dates. This produces a limitation of what is referred to as tunnel vision and as we mature, our peripheral vision of the sphere disappears.

The Mahatma consciousness eliminates this three dimensional point of view of limitation in the box and allows us to begin to experience the feminine side of creation. This Mahatma Initiation allows us to access all of these points on the sphere thereby uncovering all of our past incarnations and bringing them into the present moment of our Reality.

As we begin to surface these memories of past incarnations we have been programmed to believe that we are fallen human beings attempting to recover our spiritual nature. In actuality, we are spiritual beings who have fallen into the density of having a limited

human experience. As part of the control mechanism of the overlords, we have further been conditioned in our collective subconscious nature to believe in fear, guilt, pain and suffering. We have been domesticated to not trust men or women and therefore, internally, do not trust ourselves. We have moved out of our center within our hearts into an externalized state of separation and alienation from one another.

The Mahatma is the living consciousness of the I AM Presence of the Creator that is present at the center of everything within this Creation. The Mahatma Initiation is the means provided through this process to reawaken this consciousness within the heart chakra of every being on the planet.

In its teaching aspect of the I AM Presence, the Mahatma brings together all forms of separation into union, primarily the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within our souls and our bodies. It ends the separation, which exists at every conceivable level of our reality. All of the opposing polarities in which we have lived: male-female, light-dark, good-evil, love-fear, guilt-joy, pain-compassion our brought into a state of union and fusion. As each pair of polarities come together into a state of union the One Consciousness of the Source expands and grows even down to the cells and DNA of the physical body.