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Imara Reiki Tornado Reiki

Imara is a mode of Reiki that is said to vibrate on a high energy level. You can use Imara Reiki if you have already been attuned to traditional Usui Reiki to the Master level.

Imara means ‘more’… referring to the higher energy vibration that it gives off.

Imara is intense energy. It feels slightly different, and as such

• Imara Reiki specializes in past life issues

• Imara Reiki works well with repressed issues

• Imara Reiki can heal areas of life that lie in the unconscious, but still affect you

• Imara Reiki does not use symbols

• Imara Reiki uses a different but easier way to pass attunements

• Imara Reiki uses a strongly simple but intense distance healing procedure

• Imara Reiki users quite often experience visions of spirit guides/angels, etc

• Imara Reiki sessions quite often induce visions and messages from spirit


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