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Experience the Magic of Angel Reiki at Reiki Hippie

Experience the Magic of Angel Reiki at Reiki Hippie Angel Reiki Northern Ireland

Angel Reiki is a powerful love-rich system to connect to the Angels & link to the Usui Reiki System.

Most angels do not generally interact with humans unless specifically asked.

We all have free will and are masters of our own lives, the angels respect that and will never come to us to impose on our free wills. We need to ask them to help heal us; they do not impose themselves on us.

However when we are ready to work with them, the change is amazing, they make everything the best it can be, if we are ready to work with them they do not want anything back but our own happiness and gratitude.

The traditional four Reiki symbols are incorporated; each is associated with one of the four Archangels.

Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy and every creed.

Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.

You must already be attuned to USUI REIKI Master Level Reiki

Contact me below if you would like this Distance Attunement or a Distance Treatment with Angel Reiki

Unlock the power of Angel Reiki and connect with divine energy. Discover how angels can enhance your life and bring healing and happiness.


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