To celebrate the Summer Solstice myself & two friends socially distanced in the garden for a cuppa & a natter

We then made a cuppa of tea to read each other's tea leaves. I remember doing this as a child with my gran so I set about researching the history

Tea leaf reading or Tasseomancy/Tassegraphy/Tassology has its roots in Asia, Middle East & Ancient Greece

Tea was brought from Asia to Europe by Dutch traders in the 17th century

In 1800's in US tea parlour where first opened and after WW1 women opened tea parlour & offered readings

Some people use pre-symbolized cups like the one in the picture I inherited, around the cup it reads "many curious things I see when telling fortunes in your tea"

I normally use a plain cup though and my favourite oolong blend of tea-pigs loose tea

To read the tea leaves

1. Prepare the tea from loose tea

2. Allow the tea to cool

3. Relax & clear your mind

4. Sip the tea gently bringing your awareness to the present, as a meditation

5. Lift the cup with your non-dominate hand, leaving a small bit of liquid & swirl the cup 3 times

6. Empty the liquid and turn the cup upside down to rest

7. Place your hand on cup, raising your awareness

8. Turn the cup over and read!

Rim = present

Middle = near future

Base = past

Good luck with your reading!