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The second ray of Love/Wisdom embodies the Divine quality of love and desire for pure

knowledge and absolute truth

The colour it embodies is a deep intense blue

People on this ray are very loving, allowing, considerate, friendly, and responsible.

The second ray soul is usually a teacher or possibly an architect because of this ray’s strong conceptual ability

This type of person has great tact and foresight. He or she would make an excellent

ambassador, school teacher, or head of college.

This type of person has the ability to

impress the true view of things on other people and make them see things as he or she does

This ray type is highly intuitive.

The Lord Maitreya and the Buddha were both on the second

ray, as were most of the great world teachers. Djwhal Khul is a second ray teacher as is his

teacher, the Master Kuthumi

When To Invoke The Energy Of A Ray

Ray 2 For love, illumination, wisdom, and perception

Use of Gemstones and Colours

Ray 2 Light blue to tap into illumination and wisdom, pink for divine love,

yellow topaz for enlightenment

Communication and The 7 Rays

Ray 2 For more heart-centered communications; for more wisdom and

perception of the meaning of communications


Ray Two

Definition: LOVE & WISDOM

Colour: BLUE

Chakra: HEART


Plane: MONAD

Chohan: Master Kuthumi & Djwhal Khul




This Ray embodies the building and relating qualities and is the blending

and inclusive energy that leads to true understanding.

Its strength is through persistence and it radiates the spirit of relationship and the

attractive quality of Love.

On this Ray are found the lovers of Truth and those who seek the path of Wisdom; the Teachers, Healers and Philosophers are the exponents of its magnetic energy.


Master Kuthumi

Kuthumi is the chohan or master of the second ray, which is deep blue and governs Divine love, wisdom and truth and understanding

He is a member of the Brotherhood of Golden Robe, those who take

on the pain of world. He has an etheric retreat at Machu Picchu.

In past incarnations he was Pythagoras, bringing in sacred geometry

and the music of the spheres.

He was the wise man, Balthazar, Shah Jahan and St Francis of Assisi.

He works with Archangel Jophiel, and helps to touch people with wisdom & illumination, tact, foresight, consideration and friendliness.

He works particularly with teachers, students, architect, ambassador and the artistic. He

comes to those who seek knowledge in this time of change. Some say his previous incarnations are said to be John the Divine, Casper (one of the three Wise

Men) among the others listed

Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul, also called "The Tibetan," was a beautiful master who achieved liberation under master Kuthumi's guidance.

He is profoundly learned, knowing more about the seven rays and the spiritual hierarchy than perhaps any of his peers.

He channeled wisdom works to Alice Bailey, a modern leader of the Theosophical


With Kuthumi and El Morya, he works diligently for our enlightenment.

Djwhal Khul is known as The Tibetan who channeled the mighty esoteric works to Alice


He works under Lord Kuthumi and is a very learned being, working specifically to

help us to move forward into the Golden Age. He is one of the most accessible of the Masters of Shamballa.

Also known as Master of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom. He was known to materialize, dematerialize and bi-locate.

He works to balance energies and make them easily accessible to all. Shortly after leaving the earth plane in the late 1800's he began working with El Morya, Kuthumi and St. Germain to assist them in the research of Helen Blavatsky

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