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'Thy Will, not my Will be done'

A strengthening of the Will enables us to align with our divine purpose & trust in relation to where we are going in life

Trust in the inner source and getting in touch with our own authority, which stimulates a feeling of inner peace

Purpose, positivity and leadership are the outstanding qualities of this Ray

It carries great strength and driving force, in fact it is sometimes called the

Destroyer. It is the Ray of the ruler and is particularly related to the field of

Government. Those who initiate undertakings and are found in positions of

power are especially aligned with this type of energy.

Colour: RED

Chakra: CROWN

Planet: VULCAN


Chohan: EL MORYA

Archangels: MICHAEL & FAITH


Crystals: Sapphire & Blue Lace Agate


When To Invoke The Energy Of A Ray

Ray 1 For strength, will, and leadership qualities; to allow the power, protection

and initiative of the Ray to provide inspiration

Use of Gemstones and Colors

Use the following gemstones to tap into the qualities of the rays.

Note: the ascended masters and angels in the celestial realms also teach this:

Ray 1 Red to claim more power, sapphire to soften too much aggression

Communication and The 7 Rays

Invoke the energy of the rays for enhanced communication.

Some examples include the following:

Ray 1 To claim power during communications; to have more initiative in

communications; to speak with a more dynamic voice


The first ray is an energy of will, power and drive

It is connected with vitality, initiative, and thrust

It breaks down the old and makes way for the new

It is a very dynamic energy

The color of this ray is red

Those born upon this ray have a strong personal power that can be used

for good or evil

The first ray people will always come to the front in whatever line they are

working upon

They will be at the head of their professions

They are born leaders

The first ray people who are not tempered by the love/wisdom of the second ray can be extremely cruel and hard

El Morya is the Chohan of the first ray


El Morya

Chohan of the First Ray, connected to the Temple of the Will of God

El Morya was embodied as Abraham, the wise man Melchior, Arthur,

king of the Britons, Thomas Beckett, Thomas More - both martyred,

Akbar, greatest of Mogul emperors, Thomas Moore, and El Morya

Khan, the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas.

El Morya came originally from Mercury and is a member of the White Brotherhood.

He works with Archangel Michael and is the chohan or master of the first ray, which is red and governs power and will, drive, confidence and strength.

He works with rulers, executives, public servants, the military, sports people and those who are commanders


Prior to 1960, this planet for the last 3.1 billion years

basically dealt with the seven major rays. These seven rays


1. First ray: power, will and purpose (red)

2. Second ray: love/wisdom (blue)

3. Third ray: active or creative intelligence (yellow)

4. Fourth ray: harmony (emerald green)

5. Fifth ray: concrete science (orange)

6. Sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo)

7. Seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet)


Then in approximately 1970 a most extraordinary event occurred on this planet. There was a special dispensation to this planet of five new rays

These five new rays are:

8. Eighth ray: higher cleansing ray (seafoam green)

9. Ninth ray: joy, attracting the body of light (blue-green)

10. Tenth ray: anchoring of the body of light, inviting soul merge (pearlescent)

11. Eleventh ray: bridge to the new age (pink-orange)

12. Twelfth ray: anchoring of the new age and the Christ consciousness (gold)


The twelve rays are the twelve planetary rays that exist on this planet. Each is a stepped down version of the original cosmic rays at the Creator level. This does not mean they are not powerful, on the contrary they are perfectly powerful for all of us here on Earth

Each human being is created from many of these rays, which give us our attributes. Each of us are stronger in some rays and weaker in others. That is why it is important to call on the rays to balance oneself

If you want personal power, call on the red ray


Seven great energies or streams of force demonstrate the qualities of Deity.

The Wisdom Teachings speak of them as the Seven Rays and they are

dominant conditioning and qualifying factors in our lives. But not only this;

they are, we understand, cosmic elements, reaching us from the unknown

spheres of other systems, and no part of the life of our planet is unaffected

by them.

In the same way as the seven colours are parts of the spectrum and the

seven notes are tones of the octave, so these Rays are differentiations or

qualities of the one divine Emanation. In some of the eastern teachings

they are called the seven breaths giving life to all forms, and they have

been referred to in various ways in different philosophies. It is these great

"Energies" that St John called symbolically "the Seven Spirits before the

throne of God."

The Seven Rays, each carrying particular qualities and tendencies, are

responsible for the different psychological types. Several Rays will probably

influence us, but one usually predominates and gives the main colouring to

our character. There is a connection here with astrology ... the astrological

influences carry these same streams of energy and our alignment with

particular Signs puts us more directly in touch with these qualities.

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