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Dowsing has been used for centuries & has been found on cave drawings 8000 years old. When we dowse we are measuring vibrations & energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts & things.

A pendulum is anything that can be suspended from a chain or piece of thread e.g. specially crafted crystals or an old tea bag! The chain or thread needs to be around 4 inches long. Your pendulum may find you

Once you have selected your pendulum the next step is to train it. Hold the string or chain between your thumb & forefinger & ask out loud or silently for a “yes", then a “no" & then a “maybe”. Some feel you should not let anyone else handle your pendulum as it may interrupt your energy

Now you can talk to your pendulum as if it were a trusted friend. But remember

only use dowsing for positive reasons

only ask questions which relate to yourself

only ask for a partner, close relative or another person with their permission

make your questions clear & precise

remain in a peaceful relaxed state with a clear uncluttered mind

have confidence in your own intuition & dowsing skills

Healing with a Pendulum

Our body is made up of many internal channels that provide for subtle energy flow as part of our personal energy system dynamic. A healthy state occurs when this energy is in balance & circulating well within the body.

Our personal energy system interacts with everything around us & distant Reiki shows clearly that this effect is limitless. The system of Reiki is one way in which we can work with subtle healing energy on a daily basis & become more actively aware of the energy that surrounds us.

In my experience the pendulum can be used during a reiki treatment to cleanse & power up the reiki flow to problem areas. It can also be used to balance the chakras. Some practitioners force the pendulum to move but I believe it should be allowed to move freely. Usually the pendulum will rotate in one direction then the opposite direct & will stop when it is good & ready. It may do this several times before coming to a final halt.