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Enhance Mental Clarity with Reiki Hippie's Mustard Essence

Enhance Mental Clarity with Reiki Hippie's Mustard Essence
Mustard Flower Remedy

Used for mental clarity

This Essence helps with depression, fatigue, weakness & slow moments

Feeling lost in the gloom?

Wondering why you're in a mental funk?

Bid adieu to that brain fog and welcome in crystal-clear thinking with the magical elixir of Mustard.

This flowery cure is here to rescue your mood and bring a sunnier outlook on life. Ready to discover how?





I AM the source of light & strength

I reclaim my radiance & joy

My heart sings

I have serenity and peace of mind


Say goodbye to mental fog and embrace clarity with the power of Mustard. Discover how this flower remedy can help lift your spirits and bring joy to your life.


Step into the mystical realm of Flower Remedies and let us weave a little magic into your life!

Our hand-crafted remedies are brewed with love, using pure spring water from the border of England and Wales and a splash of organic brandy from the La Tour Vert region in France. Dr. Bach discovered the healing power of these 38 remedies in the 1930s, and we still follow his original recipe today.

Don't be fooled by their delicate nature - these remedies may be gentle but they pack a punch!

They can help us connect the dots, create space for new solutions, and even ease physical symptoms. Plus, they can help release old traumas, enhance our dreams, and open up our subconscious communication.

For maximum enchantment, take them during meditation, yoga, or past life regression.

Simply set your intention, take three drops three times a day for three weeks, and snuggle up with the bottle under your pillow for an extra dose of magic.

And if you're a Reiki practitioner, try adding a few drops to your palm chakras during self-treatment.

Ready for a unique blend tailored to your needs? Just fill out our questionnaire and we'll brew up something special just for you. With our Vibrational Medicine Flower Remedies, you hold the power to heal yourself from within.

Let's celebrate the magic of nature!


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Mustard Flower

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