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Rejuvenation Reiki from Goddess Venus Course

Rejuvenation Reiki from Goddess Venus Course


Venus is a Roman goddess, who encompass love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory. 


To connect to Venus is to feel the immeasurably fiery side of the wild feminine.


It is also to witness the soft and supple, pleasurable and peaceful, sexual and sensual, beautiful and bountiful Mother.


Meditate with Venus each morning as she fades into the day and pray to her as she comes into view at night.



Being young nowadays means many things.


It means how you look, how you behave, how you dress, but that’s not truly who young people are.


Young people are people who live on the path of love.


It’s about being childlike in a sense of following God’s word.


In a sense of being near and close to the source. That’s what childlike means. And you should be like that.


You should cherish and treat that child within yourself in order to stay young forever.



You can use the energy of this activation for hands-on healing, as a meditative technique, and for infusing energy into oils, lotions, creams, and gemstones or for healing pets because it is so gentle


You can use it as a stand-alone healing system or combined with other healing modalities or massage.


    Once your purchase is complete, I will be in touch to arrange a time and date for your attunement

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    Rosemary X


    I have been a Reiki Master for over 19 years, based in Northern Ireland and have a worldwide client base. At Reiki Hippie I include Reiki Master Teachings across lineages from Usui Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Japanese Reiki, Mahatma Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Quan Yin Lavender Flame Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, DNA Reiki, Ethereal Crystals Reiki,  Gold Reiki, Seichim Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Ascended Masters Reiki, Angel Reiki, Distance Reiki, Virtual Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Imara Reiki, Medicine Buddha Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Green Tara Seichim, Elemental Reiki, Elohim Reiki, Planetary Rays Reiki, Reiki Empowerments, Reiki Crystal Grids & Atlantean Reiki. At Reiki Hippie I also draw on other vibrational medicine sources, i.e., Flower Remedies, Crystals, Card Readings, Kinesiology, Angel Work, Ascended Master details.


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