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You know about your Birthstone, right?

But did you know the healing energies from gemstones & crystals are emphasized if you wear them on certain days of the week?

Here's the list I've complied from Vedic & Western Astrology as a handy guide

Sunday: ruby, citrine, yellow calcite, topaz

Monday: pearl, mother of pearl, aquamarine, moonstone, selenite

Tuesday: red coral, carnelian, apache tears bloodstone, limestone

Wednesday: emerald, peridot, green aventurine, howlite

Thursday: yellow sapphire, blue calcite, lapis lazuli, turquoise

Friday: diamonds, rose quartz, pink calcite, water melon tourmaline

Saturday: blue sapphire, amethyst, iolite

Have you got a favourite day already 😊 just from reading the list? Think I'm gonna love Friday & Saturday ..Diamonds & Amethyst!

Don't forget if you only have these in tumble stones and not set in jewellery pop them in your pocket or your bra! 😉

Give it a try, see if you notice any difference!

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