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Overcome Exhaustion and Fatigue - Reiki Hippie Wellness

Feel like you're having to persevere through something? Say to yourself I'm never giving in?

Oak's for you!

It helps you to admit to your limitations

If you feel you're strong but can't struggle against adversity any longer try this remedy

Oak Flower Remedy is here to give you strength and help fight off the fatigue blues.

If you're dealing with teeth grinding, muscle tension, or feeling inflexible in body or mind, this could be just the remedy you need.

Bonus points: it can also aid with gall bladder issues, kidney stones, and even tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol.




I AM strong & energetic

I AM open and spontaneous

I let go of struggles

I give myself a break when I need it

I rest deeply


Boost your endurance and overcome exhaustion and fatigue with Oak Flower Remedy. Say no to struggles and give yourself the break you deserve.


The seventh tree, the oak, grows everywhere. Oaks grow taller and live longer than most other species of tree

Long held sacred, the oak was dedicated by the Greeks to Zeus, the Romans to Jupiter , and the Norse to Thor - all gods of the lightning flash.

The Celtic priests of Britain and Gaul, the druids, so revered the oaks that their teachings and many spiritual rites were carried out beneath its glorious boughs

The veneration of this great tree may have come from the fact that the acorn was once a main food source to the wandering tribes of prehistoric Europe.

The acorn in mystic lore represents the highest form of fertility, creativity of the mind.

This tree has roots that grow as deep as its branches are high, its energy encompasses that of cleansing, strengthening and enduring Oak trees are often struck by lightning and still they tend to survive .

Oaks seem to draw lightning to them, thus symbolizing its groundedness.

King Arthur's Round Table was made from the single slab of an oak tree, for these many reasons oaks have an honored place in the hearts and minds of the people of Britain.

(Taken from Celtic Reiki Level One Manual)


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