I T E A C H U S U I, T I B E T A N & J A P A N E S E R E I K I

USUI REIKI is taught at three levels

1st degree SHODEN – working in the field of energy

The individual is initiated into Reiki and they become a channel for life. They can use this for self-treatment and for treating others.

In Usui Reiki the student receives four Attunements for their 1st degree.

2nd degree OKU DEN – bringing in and transmitting the essence of the Energy

This involves the use of ancient symbols, which increase the energy flow and enable the practitioner to send a treatment to someone who is not physically present.

In Usui Reiki there is one attunement for the 2nd degree & this connects the student to the energies of the symbols, which can then be used for the self & other, for the highest good

Mastery DO SHU – teaching

A traditional Teaching Master has undertaken extensive training in the original traditions of Reiki with an elder Master and has been empowered to teach Reiki by the process of initiation

In USUI REIKI there is one attunement for the Masters Degree. The purpose of this initiation is to attune students to the energies in such a way to allow them to teach Reiki to others

In TIBETAN REIKI there is also one attunement with different symbols

JAPANESE REIKI works by intention & there are no symbols to learn. A student can therefore be attuned to the level the Master believes they are ready for