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Transform Your Life: Emotional Healing with Reiki Reiki Northern Ireland
Reiki Self Treatment

Emotional healing symbol self treatment

~ place non-dominant hand at the base of the skull & dominant hand over the top of your head (palms facing head)

~ sign the power symbol (Choku Rei) once saying its name 3 times

~ sign the emotional symbol (Sei He Ki) once saying its name 3 times

~ sign the power symbol once saying its name 3 times

~ place both hands on the head

~ repeat an affirmation for 3-5 minutes e.g.

"I now have what I need to see the issues in my life in a new way & the wisdom, strength, courage & love to follow through with what is given" (keep affirmations positive & in the present tense)


Emotional healing program – for long held emotions

You may not know what the emotional problem is. You can use this technique at the beginning of a treatment

~ sign distance symbol

~ sign power symbol

~ sign emotional symbol

~ use a visualization & an affirmation to intensify

Self Healing

~ sit down, calm yourself & begin

~ connect to the issue as in distance healing

~ draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen & see it going into your crown

~ draw Choku Rei & see it going into your crown

~ draw Sei He Ki & see it going into your crown

~ draw Choku Rei again

~ put your hands either on your face or head

~ see your head filling with gold from the symbols & from your hands

~ when the head has filled the gold spreads to fill the whole body

~ when the body is completely full the gold then overflow out of the feet

~ energy then turns, comes out & up the outside of the body on all sides & into the body again through the Crown Chakra

~ continue this visualization

~ add the affirmation:

"I send the light [name] deep into the inner recesses of your mind, bringing light to the darkness, that shadows disappear."

~ Continue for around half an hour

This is a very powerful so do no more than 4 days in a row, then leave it for a month or so & watch for developments before doing it again.


Experience emotional healing with Reiki self-treatment at our wellness centre in Northern Ireland, UK. Learn powerful techniques for inner healing.


Reiki Hippie Northern Ireland


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