The 9th Chakra in the 4th dimension corresponds to the base/root chakra which we know in the 3rd dimension

This chakra corresponds to the Body of Light,

and it has to do with Joy

When this 9th chakra is activated in meditation the Body of Light is now in your cellular/sub cellular structure

(Light Bodies Series coming soon)

The colour of this chakra to tune into is Blue/Green

The same as the 9th Ray colour which has a cleansing function

and is overseen by the Virgin Mary

I find it helpful when working with the higher chakras to call in corresponding ray


The main quality of the ninth ray is joy

It is also the ray that attracts one’s full potentials.

It is the ray that begins to attract the body of Light

It also continues the cleansing process that the eighth ray started so effectively

It is composed of the first ray, the second ray, and white Light

The color of this ray is greenish-blue luminosity

The body of Light is a beautiful,

magnetic, transparent, white, luminous, electrical, life-force-filled, rainbow-like robe or

body of energy that, ideally, one dons to begin each day

Over time it becomes integrated as

a regular part of one’s being

It is the ninth ray that is used to attract the body of Light

It is the tenth ray that allows it to be fully anchored into one’s being

Fully integrating and anchoring the body of Light is integral to the ascension process


Represents core Feminine Energy capacity of human consciousness

An Ascended Master who has influenced human consciousness

through various incarnate souls, bringing the nurturing and compassionate aspects

of feminine energy in a celebration of unconditional love.

Mother Meera and Mother Amichi are present day examples of this influence

Mother Mary, volunteered before her birth to bring Jesus to the


she is also called "Mother of the World"

A beautiful, powerful ascended master of great love, wisdom

and compassion

She protects women and children and intercedes in healing

One of her past incarnations

was Isis, when she instructed initiates in the Mystery Schools