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Chakras 8 - 12

The 8th Chakra is the first chakra in the 4th dimension, it is the Seat of the Soul our Soul Star.

Our baseline in the 4th dimension as earth was our baseline in the 3rd dimension, and is Emerald Green and Purple

The 9th Chakra is in the 4th dimension and is associated with our root chakra in the 3rd dimension

The 9th Chakra relates to the Body of Light, and has do with Joy, when this chakra is activated the Body of Light is now in your cellular and sub cellular structure

This chakra is Blue/Green

The 10th Chakra starts functioning when the male/female energies are in total balance within oneself

It is a state of Effortlessness, when we are aligned with our Soul

The colour of this chakra is Pearlized

The 11th Chakra is the chakra of New Age Energies, it allows us to diminish the present & past life trauma stored within the 3rd chakra

This energy feels like a wave moving through the body not attached to any area of misconception

The colour of this chakra is Pink/Orange

The 12th Chakra is the chakra of Christ Conscoiusness

It is a transformational energy which connects all energy

It is associated with the heart chakra in the 3rd dimension

The colour of this chakra is Shimmering Gold


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