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Reiki Three


The purpose of this initiation is to attune students to the energies in such a way as to enable them to teach Reiki to others.

The traditional Usui method uses the three symbols learned in Reiki 2nd Degree plus the Usui Dai Ko Myo.

The Tibetan Master attunement uses those four symbols plus the Tibetan Dai Ko Mio & the Tibetan Fire Serpent.

Many students feel that the addition of the Tibetan symbols creates immense extra power.

Test the symbols for yourself & use whichever feels right for you at any given time. Use the Usui symbols only & then the Tibetan symbols only so you can feel the difference in the energies.

During this final attunement for Usui, Tibetan & Japanese Reiki you :-

learn the master symbol (Usui & Tibetan versions)

learn Raku & the Tibetan Fire Symbol

receive two attunements (one Usui / Tibetan & one Japanese)

learn the attunement processes for each level

receive excerpts from the Teaching Manual of Mikao Usui

learn about Reiki & crystal healing

receive a course outline for 1st & 2nd degrees

Kanji Positions for Master Level

receive alternative attunement processes

The 3rd degree attunement connects the Practitioner to a higher level of consciousness, spiritual awareness & divine energies providing the opportunity for self-development & higher frequency healing for self & others. Past life memories may also resurface helping guide the practitioner on their life purpose.

A traditional Teaching Master has undertaken extensive training in the original traditions of Reiki with an elder Master and has been empowered to teach Reiki by the process of initiation.

In Usui Reiki there is 1 attunement for the Masters Degree. The purpose of this initiation is to attune students to the energies in such a way to allow them to teach Reiki to others.

In Tibetan Reiki there is also one attunement with different symbols.

Japanese Reiki works by intention & there are no symbols to learn. A student can therefore be attuned to the level the Master believes they are ready for.