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Reiki Two

There is one attunement for Reiki Two.

Its purpose is to place the three Reiki Two symbols into the student’s crown, brow, heart & palm chakras & at the rear of the base of the skull.

This attunes the student to the three Reiki symbols.

These can be used for the highest good of all concerned when healing the self, others, animals or situations.

The 2nd degree attunement Okuden brings in & transmits the essence of the energy. This involves the use of ancient symbols which increase the energy flow & enable the practitioner to send a treatment to someone who is not physically present.

Your 1st degree attunement focused on raising the energy levels of the Physical body so that you could channel more Reiki energy than you were able to do before the attunement. The 2nd degree Attunement works more directly on the Etheric Body & the stimulation & development of the intuitive centre. When you work through the intuitive centre you connect more consciously with your Higher Self using your Pituitary gland as a receiver & transmitter station.

You will receive 1 attunement for the 2nd degree Usui Reiki (Western Lineage) which connects you to the energies of the symbols.

You will also receive 1 Reiju (blessing) for the 2nd degree Japanese Reiki (Eastern Lineage). This is a healing system in its own right & is based on intention without the use of symbols. Each Reiju received raises the vibration of this healing energy.