T H E 21 D A Y C L E A N S E

Reiki Attunement Cleanse
21 Day Cleanse

Receiving an attunement may for some students be similar to receiving healing, many reactions can occur

Following each attunement the student should go through the ’21-day cleanse’. Remember it was only after 21 days that Dr Usui discovered the true value of the Reiki symbols

The attunement works like aligning a satellite dish for your TV – it opens you up to a whole new world

Some people buy books on Reiki & practice without receiving an attunement either nothing really happens or they become ill because their energy field cannot cope with the shift in frequency

The Reiki Master acts like the satellite engineer & retunes your energy system

The 21 Day Cleanse is due to the higher frequency of energy you have been attuned to & how this energy reacts with your previous vibratory state

Some experience no changes at all whereas others, with unresolved difficult areas in their lives, may find very powerful changes taking place

The biggest reaction is normally within the 1st week of the 21 day cleanse when the subtle system is going though vibratory changes

You may experience release or change in your physical body, emotional being, mental attitudes & spiritual awareness

You may also have unusual feelings of release of bad habits or prejudices

You may experience sadness or anger for no reason – it will pass

This is Reiki’s way of releasing any previous negative patterns before new positive energy can take its place

Accept whatever happens even if the changes are negative & difficult to understand as this is you way of processing unresolved issues. Some of these issues may come from your childhood

Do not try to understand the process just accept that it is cleansing all previous low frequency emotions from your life for the good of your future well being

It might be useful to keep a diary of this time & record how you feel & note any relevant dreams

Self-treatments/self practice each day (morning & evening) will continue the process & help to raise your vibratory rate