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Sekhmet Seichim Reiki

The Goddess Sekhmet (meaning Powerful) has the body of a woman & the headdress of a lion/cat.

The Egyptians thought her to be the bringer of destruction & in contradiction the Goddess of regeneration & healing.

Sekhem is traditionally linked with Egyptian archetype, SEKHMET - the Goddess of Healing

She is a leonine Goddess & is the primordial Goddess. Myths & legends say she was present at the creation of our universe.

Sekhmet was called the daughter of Ra the sun god, leader of the Egyptian gods. In Egyptian mythology it was she who punished the damned in the underworld. However, she was also worshiped in her aspect of Great One of Healing, the setter of bones….

The Myth of Sekhmet

In ancient days humans rose up against the Gods believing themselves to be potentially as powerful. Ra became wise to their schemes & at a meeting of the Gods they devised a way to stop the rebellion. Sekhmet was chosen as her loyalty & pledge to protect Ra from his enemies was well known & respected

Sekhmet hurled forth upon the earth from the eye of Ra as an immense, fiery lioness, whose back glowed with the colour of blood. She began slaughtering the human race & rampaged until the earth soaked red. Ra tried to stop her as if humanity were destroyed there would be no one to worship the gods. Ra called god Sekti to mix a potion of seven thousand vats of beer mixed with the juice of the deep red pomegranate. The “blood” beer was poured into a huge pool in the path of the Sekhmet & Ra hid watching as she fell down, intoxicated.

Sekhmet was content & never attacked humans again. Ra decreed that henceforward the same intoxicating liquor was to be brewed on the feast day of Hathor each year.


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