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Removing Negativity with Master Healers at Reiki Hippie

Reiki Hippie Northern Ireland

Discover the power of removing negativity from your life. Unleash your true potential with the help of healing angels and master healers.

These sessions are facilitated in co-creation with Kuan Yin and Djwhal Khul,

the Archangels of the Healing Arts, your personal healing angels,

your personal etheric healing team

and other Master Healers

What are Implants and Negative Elementals and How do They Affect Us?

Implants house sneaky fear programs that sneak in when we're at our most vulnerable, whether it's from deep-rooted childhood trauma, mishaps, gloomy moods, or even memories from past lives.

They try to keep you locked in a constant state of fear, cramping your style, and preventing you from unleashing your personal power and true potential.

But don't despair! You can break free and tap into your spiritual, Christ, Buddha, or God consciousness to reclaim control of your life!


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