These sessions are facilitated in co-creation with Kuan Yin and Djwhal Khul,

the Archangels of the Healing Arts, your personal healing angels,

your personal etheric healing team

and other Master Healers

What are Implants and Negative Elementals and How do They Affect Us?

Implants contain fear programming which are lodged within one’s system when one experiences deep fear, trauma, accidents or depression from childhood, adulthood, and even past lives. This would serve to keep the person in the space of fear and thus prevent the person from owning their personal power and self mastery, and to think, feel or act from Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God Consciousness

Negative elementals originate from negative thought forms, which are attracted to negative emotional energy. So if one is filled with negative emotions such as anger, judgment, violence, lack of self love and worth, guilt, worry, sadness, depression, inferiority, upset, lack of inner peace, lack of even mindedness, attack thoughts and feelings, negative elementals will easily attach themselves to one’s energy system

Obviously these negative energies do not serve our higher purpose and can often sabotage our spiritual progress

“This is nothing to be afraid of since everyone on earth has them – and we have had them throughout all of our past lives. However, as we move upward on our path of initiation it is important to clear them.”

Why is it Important to Remove Them?

“The people on earth cannot achieve ascension and self-realization without addressing both of these aspects. (psychological level & psychic level of soul psychology) The psychic level of soul psychology deals with the principles of esoteric psychology that most people are not aware of.”

“We can do all the psychological clearing work in the world, but if we don’t address this psychic level of soul psychology, we will never fully recover from our physical or psychological problems. One the other hand, we can work at the psychic level of soul psychology and clear all these negative aspects, but if we don’t so the integrative psychological work as well, we cannot recover fully or achieve full self-realization. In other words, these two approaches must be united.”

(Extracts are from Soul Psychology, Revised Edition by Dr Joshua David Stone)

How are the Sessions Done?

Sessions are done remotely, which means we need not be in the same physical space to do this. A group merkabah will be formed for the clearing to take place and we will be overlighted by Spirit, the Archangels and the Masters. Each session will last for about one hour and the clearing includes:

Implants, negative elementals, negative astral energies removal