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Amethyst Crystal Healing: Unlock Tranquility & Harmony Reiki Hippie Amethyst Crystal Collection
Amethyst Collection


Long prized as an ornament or amulet.

Most commonly to prevent drunkenness

It has a long history with religious practices, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead instructions detail placing a heart shaped amethyst on the deceased body

This stone can confer happiness & tranquility to a newly married couple

It is valued as a deterrent against intruders in the home

Amethyst is said to grant an understanding of hidden knowledge

During the Middle Ages amethyst was more expensive than diamonds

Known as the Bishop's Stone


Early uses included a cure for headache, toothache, gout, neuralgia & to protect against the plague

During 15th century it was worn to repel evil spirits

An Amethyst ring should be worn on the left hand, third finger to benefit fully from the stones power

This stone is practically indispensable for healers

A cluster has purifying power and can cleanse other gemstones

Amethyst calms mental disorders, purifies blood, strengthens the immune system and balances & heals all chakras

Can help ease physical pain, migraines, insomnia and sore eyes

Stroke the forehead with amethyst to relieve restlessness, dispel tension & stress and dissolve boredom

To correct emotional & spiritual bodies allow the moon to shine through a piece of amethyst placed on your crown chakra

To correct physical body let the sun shine through a piece placed on your crown chakra

For distance healing told a piece to your 3rd eye send your thoughts through it

When worn on the left wrist it allows you to foresee

Place under pillow for pleasant dreams

Amethyst has transmutational energies, it helps open gateways into intense transformational spiritual experiences

The Change Stone

Store a small piece with your cards

Unlock the healing power of amethyst crystal! Discover more of the ancient wisdom and modern benefits of this precious gemstone

Amethyst Crystal Healing: Unlock Tranquility & Harmony Crystals Northern Ireland Reiki Hippie Crystal Blog


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