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Reiki Crystals and Chakras

Reiki & Crystals combined in a treatment help to 're-establish a healing creative flow'

Crystals have been used throughout history, it is believed they were used for healing in the ancient city of Atlantis, they were also used extensively in Egyptian times

Crystals are symmetrical in their molecular structure & radiate energy in a consistent manner

Crystals can help illness, ease pain & relieve stress

They are a perfect combination with Reiki placed on the chakras during treatments

Below you will find a quick guide chart detailing which Crystal for each chakra, this list is only a sample of crystals available

Let your initiation guide you when choosing crystals & where you are placing them on your body

Amethyst relieves physical emotional & psychological pain or stress. It helps with Insomnia, eases headaches, releases tension, tunes endocrine & metabolism

Blue Calcite eases joint pain, helps relaxation, soothes nerves & anxiety

Orange Calcite removes fear, helps with depression, IBS and removes mucus from your system

Carnelian grounds you in reality. Helps with female reproductive organs & fertility. Good for lower back problems & arthritis

Citrine helps menstrual & menopausal symptoms and balances the hormones. It helps with fatigue

That's a few examples of those listed, if you would like more info feel free to contact me