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Past Life and Karmic Issues: Zonar

Unlocking Past Life and Karmic Issues: Reiki Hippie's Guide

According to Milner, "Zonar was the first of the symbols Sai Baba gave to me. I

draw the "Z" first and then come up and draw infinity three complete times.

Zonar works well with past life and karmic issues.

Valerie Weaver was given that infinity is a Reiki symbol which works on emotional issues.

Our cells carry the memory of trauma, both the shock of our own individual experiences and those of the mass consciousness."

She goes on to suggest that even if you do not believe in reincarnation, or weren't one of the "11 million people burned as witches," we all have connections to this or

"own a share of the trauma within the mass consciousness."

This would hold true, of course, for all horrific episodes including the holocausts, natural and man-made disasters, and individual crimes.

"What we do to another, we do to ourselves."

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