The Wesak Festival has been held every year down through the centuries in a valley in the Himalayas. It has often been called the "Festival of the Buddha", for each year it occurs at the time of the full moon in May

It is at this time that the Christ, the Manu, and the Mahachohan stand in triangular formation in front of an enormous flat stone on which stands a large crystal bowl with water

When the moon rises above the horizon, at the moment of the full moon in Taurus, the Buddha appears

Gautama Buddha comes from Shamballa and hovers over the stone, over the crystal bowl, and transmits to the Christ, the energy which is called the Shamballa force

The force is the great first ray of Will or Power. This force is circulated by the Christ through Himself, the Manu, and the Mahachohan, and then gradually released to the world

Although most are not aware of it, the Wesak Festival might be considered one of the holiest days of the year. Part of the purpose and meaning of this festival is to prove the factual solidarity of the Eastern and Western approaches to God, for both the Christ and Buddha are present

It also serves as a rallying point and meeting place annually for all those that serve the kingdom of God and humanity