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Emotions & the Physical Body

Reiki is like a superhero, swooping in to balance our physical, emotional, and energy bodies, and those of our clients.

It's the energy version of a full-body massage!

Traditional Reiki uses specific hand positions to channel the good vibes to all our organs, glands, and chakras. But, with Shamballa, we can get creative and ditch the guidelines.

The following information is simply a quick reference for relationships between our physical, energy and emotional bodies.

Our Organs

HEART: Our heart is the muscular pump of the vascular system. It has four chambers: the two on the right relate to the lungs, and the two on the left relate to the rest of the body. Our hearts take deoxygenated blood into the right side, pump it through the lungs and return oxygenated blood to the left side and the rest of the body.

Stored emotional blockages: Heartaches, heartbreak, grief, loss, fear, sadness, rejection, hurt. Holding back out of fear of being alive or fear of dying, blockage of love, imbalance of giving or receiving.

LUNGS: Our lungs bring air into a place where it can be absorbed by our blood, and takes undesired gasses from the blood and releases them to the outside world.

Stored emotional blockages: Asthma related to anger, fear, low energy, coughing up pain.

STOMACH: Our stomachs store undigested food and start the digestion process, preparing our food for treatment by the small intestine.

Stored emotional blockages: Place where all things swallowed go to be digested, such as old rules, ideas from family, peers, teachers, ministers, doctors etc. Ulcer is anger eating away at one’s gut, butterflies in the stomach are anxiety, indigestion of old thoughts, feelings, ideas that don’t fit anymore into one’s life, fear of change and disapproval.

SMALL INTESTINE: Our small intestine fills our abdominal cavity and is framed by the large intestine. It receives partially digested food from the stomach and uses secretions from the pancreas and liver (via the gall bladder) to further break down food. It is responsible for all digestion of nutrients, including vitamins.

LARGE INTESTINE: Our large intestine absorbs water, vitamins and minerals. It includes our appendix (lower right side), goes right up our right side, across at about our waist, and down our left side.

Stored emotional blockages in the abdomen: Hara center, storage place for unexpressed feelings of anger/fear, unresolved situations relating to anger/fear/guilt. Where information from the computer center in head goes if it isn’t cleared.

LIVER: The liver is our largest organ. It is responsible for a multitude of chemicals and changes. Blood brings nutrients into the liver. It converts carbohydrates into fat and proteins. It makes cholesterol, stores vitamins A, D, B12 and iron. Removes toxic substances from the blood.

Stored emotional blockages: Anger/fear storage over long periods of time.

GALLBLADDER: The gallbladder lies just under the liver. It stores bile that is secreted to the beginning of the small intestine. Bile helps digest fats by making them soluble in water so enzymes can act on them.

Stored emotional blockages: Anger gone over to bitterness.

PANCREAS: The pancreas excretes enzymes that enter the small intestine and help with the breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrate. The pancreas makes insulin. It is considered a gland and is regulated by the hormones.

Stored emotional blockages: Sweetness gone out of life, spark, spice, sparkle, zest missing. Being too nice/sugary etc.

SPLEEN: The spleen is a lymphatic organ. It filters our blood and is active in the immune system.

Stored emotional blockages: Storage of unfinished business with past relationships. Could relate to death of a person, job, lifestyle, which have created strings with the past.

KIDNEYS: The kidneys work to maintain the electrical, chemical and concentration balances and integrity of the body water. They maintain the body water volume, process blood plasma and maintain the acid-base balance in our bodies.

Stored emotional blockages in adrenals/kidneys: Shock/trauma center of the body. Over activity of sympathetic nervous system, adrenaline rushes, healing of entire autoimmune system. Always treat this position for shock, trauma, illness, surgery, emotional imbalances, stress of any kind, allergies, low energy and fear response.


Our Endocrine Glands

PITUITARY: The pituitary and pineal glands are related to the body’s metabolism. They secrete hormones that cause other secretions in other parts of the body.

PINEAL: (Hypothalamus) The pineal gland can secrete hormones to create estrogens, progesterone and testosterone and also regulate the thyroid, bone, skin, adrenals, milk production in mothers and water conservation.

THYROID: The thyroid increases oxygen consumption in our tissues and thereby fuels and maintains metabolic activity.

THYMUS: The thymus is part of the lymphatic system. It can produce “T” lymphocytes that attack the protein of certain tumour cells. It atrophies as we age.

ADRENALS: Our adrenals secrete a hormone that breaks down starch and fatty acids and stimulates our metabolism. The adrenals are responsible for “light or flight” responses that can result in dilated pupils, increased heart rate, nervous activity and breathing.

OVARIES, TESTES: The ovaries develop female germ cells (eggs) and female hormones, estrogens and progesterone. The testes develop sperm and the male hormone testosterone.


Further Seats of Stored Emotions

HEAD: Seat of our computer center for the body. Place that we create all that is going on in our lives. Important to treat to keep in balance so we put our lives in order on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Headaches are often withheld feelings causing imbalances as we try to figure out why things aren’t the way we would like them to be, can be accompanied by unshed tears, anger, confusion, too much analyzing.

EYES: Relate to inner seeing, feeling and hearing. (Third eye or psychic center development.) Not being seen by others, not seeing what others want, not wanting to see what’s right in front of our noses (far-sightedness) or what’s going on out there (near-sightedness). Connected to the sinus passages where stored tears are held. Also directly connected to the ovaries and uterus in women and to the prostate gland and testicles in men.

EARS: Hearing others, being heard by others, blocking out what we don’t or didn’t want to hear. Also related to high blood pressure, balance and clarity.

THROAT: Speaking out, expressing oneself verbally, throat blockages caused by choking on ideas or words, thoughts or beliefs. Not saying what needs to be said, talking too much, feeling gagged.

NECK: Related to shoulders carrying burdens and responsibilities, a stiff-necked point of view, sticking one’s neck out, to do with support, rigidity in thinking, etc.

INTESTINAL TRACT: Constipation/holding feelings in, usually anger and fear as well as guilt. Colitis/diarrhea is letting go of old feelings, thoughts and ideas without actually dealing with them.

OVARIES/UTERUS: Storage of anger with men, issues about birth, abortion, miscarriage, rape, incest, abuse, fear/guilt/anger about sexuality.

BLADDER: Stored anger/pissed off. Often related to fear/guilt around sexuality.

PROSTATE: Sexual guilt, anger with women, powerlessness, helplessness, issues with birth, incest, and sexual abuse.

HIPS: Support system, something to kick about, often stored anger/fear, which can create fat barrier. Too vulnerable/unprotected shows in thinness.

KNEES: Flexibility in thinking, support (left knee internal emotional support, right knee external support such as job, money, friends, etc.) Support from mother on left, father on right. Parents with roles reversed will find similar reversal in knees.

ANKLES: Understanding, related to thinking, analyzing, and the word why.

FEET: What we stand for, can’t stand, standing up for ourselves or others, setting standards, being soulful. Feet contain points for all other parts of the body. Also represents our grounding in life.

SHOULDERS: Right - burdens and responsibilities carried for the family, business, world, others etc. Left - internal emotional burdens/responsibilities for our own lives, spiritual/emotional/mental growth. Guilt.

UPPER BACK: Right - stored anger, giving too much, storage of little angers such as irritation, being a bit upset, striking out or striking back, holding back or holding out, defending oneself by being imbalanced with giving/receiving. Left - stored sadness, grief, sorrow, loss, and guilt. Occasionally represents too much receiving, not enough giving.

LOWER BACK: Storage of anger, held feelings, sexual stress, barriers against opposite sex, sexual abuse.

TAILBONE: Has to do with survival, kundalini activation, fear of success, fear of aliveness, fear of action.


Discover the intricate relationship between physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Explore how Reiki can help balance and heal these aspects of ourselves.


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