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Reiki Subconscious Key for Healing

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Sei He Ki


This is the symbol that heals the mind and emotions. It means: “I have the key” or “greatest peace.” This is a subconscious key and protects the subconscious mind

How to Use

This symbol should be used when treating the solar plexus. Repeat Sei He Ki three times then repeat Cho Ku Rei three times to seal.

When to Use

The general applications for Sei He Ki are:

· Addictions

· Mental disorders

· To change past events

· Past life recall

· On houses

· Crystals

Earth Healing Applications

This symbol may also be used, together with Cho Ku Rei, on stone circles, ley lines, the earth and vortices.



The Sei He Ki (Say-Hay-Key) is principally used for emotional healing, cleansing & purifying. It works on the emotional / mental body. Most physical symptoms have their root in emotional causes.

Sei He Ki is symbolic of god & man connecting or coming together. It is of a higher frequency the Choku Rei, & has been translated as “harmony”. Those who can see energy describe it as a pulsing or throbbing light. Sei He Ki has its root in the subtle systems in the solar plexus & the heart centres (3rd & 4th chakras), & is the energy of the sun – warming & emotionally comforting.

The deity giving the protection through this sign is the Japanese god Bishamon, who is one of the Shinto gods of good fortune.

In Sanskrit this sign is known as ‘HRIH’. Sei He Ki is a softer version of it, which Usui Sensei would have known from its use in esoteric Buddhism. This sign is directly related to Buddha Amida Nyorai in Japan or Amitabha in Tibet. Sei He Ki has the effect of further refining the energies. Many Reiki Practitioners experience the energy that this sign creates – physical sensations of tingling & opening of the crown chakra. In Buddhist mystic teachings, this sensation is believed to be a sign that one’s next re-birth will be of a higher degree. It brings fortunate circumstances & the blessing of the Buddhas. This sign has the element of fire as its force, & reveals itself as a soft red light, although this sign can be visualized in any colour.

Sei He Ki is one of the signs that should be used regularly as physical problems often cause emotional or mental problems too. The use of Sei He Ki will re-balance the energies between body & mind.

If we think of 2 very strong emotions such as passion or fear they feel the same in the body although one is positive & the other negative. It is the mind that drives the emotion leading to the bodily sensation. If those sensations are blocked in specific places they can lead to physical illness.

Sei He Ki heals more on the higher levels of consciousness & is thought to work more in the aura field than on the physical body.

Reiki Training Northern Ireland

Sei He Ki can be used very effectively for

mental / emotional illness (anxiety, stress, nervousness, fear, depression & can treat addictions)
emotional stress release (past, present & future)
improving memory recall to learn new things, study or revise for exams
curing insomnia or recurring nightmares
alleviating the traumatic experiences of transition when going through life changing events such as divorce, marriage, bereavement, moving home, menopause etc
programming positive habits & responses

Sei He Ki will help balance the emotional changes sometimes experienced following your attunement. Use it every day.

According to Doi Sei Hei Ki relates to the moon. The moon causes constant changes in feelings & rhythm of the body. Being in sync with the moon's conscious energy brings emotional releases & stress reduction & helps people keep in high spirits. It improves human relationship, bad habits, resolving all sorts of disorders & karma / trauma with gentle energy of love & harmony.



feeling 'out of balance' - place your hands head & think of Sei He Ki

headache - place your hands head & think of Sei He Ki

protection - draw this symbol around yourself & saying something like ''I protect myself now with divine love & wisdom''. You can also use Choku Rei

alternative protection - visualise an egg shaped energy field around you with the Sei He Ki moving around the surface of the egg, starting at your feet & working its way around the egg & upwards until it reaches the top of your head. You can also use Choku Rei

memory - place your hands on your head & think of Sei He Ki. e.g. say 3 times ''I will remember where I placed my keys within one minute''. Then just relax & the answer will come to you

tests or exams - draw the Sei He Ki over the paper to help your mind to attune to the correct answers. Remember to study beforehand! The Universe will not help you if you have been lazy.

bored or tired in class - place your hands on your knees & think of the Sei He Ki as you listen to the tutor & it will help you to retain the information being given

goals to achieve - repeat a positive phrase (affirmation) over again in your mind or write it on a piece of paper using Sei He Ki to empower your affirmations embedding them in the subconscious mind

argument or disagreement - imagine Sei He Ki between you & the person you are having the argument with. It will filter the energy that passes between you creating harmony & peace & understanding


Treatment Example

have the client sit on a comfortable, upright chair

decide with client on affirmations & positive results required

place your hands on the shoulders & relax the client for 1 to 2 minutes

draw Choku Rei above the head repeating the kotodama & affirmations in your mind. Repeat as many times as you feel is required

replace hand on shoulders for up to 5 more minutes be aware of any images or information you receive

place your hands on top of head for1 to 2 minutes

draw Sei He Ki above the head repeating kotodama & affirmations in your mind. Repeat as many times as you feel is required

use Choku Rei to end


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