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Unlocking Vital Energy: Reiki & Meridians

Unlocking Vital Energy: Reiki & Meridians in Northern Ireland Reiki Meridians Northern Ireland Reiki Hippie Reiki Blog
Reiki & Meridians

Reiki relies on the ancient meridian system first understood by the Chinese thousands of years ago but we do not have to understand this highly complex system to become Reiki healers

Basically there is a network of energy highways throughout the body

These meridians allow the circulation of subtle energy often known as Qi / Chi, Ki or Prana around the body

When we are healthy this energy flows quite easily, creating balance, harmony & protection from ill health

When the meridians become blocked we become ill.

Reiki stimulates the flow of subtle energy to restore balance & boost the body’s own healing ability

In Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine, health is the fluent harmonious movement of energies at a subtle level

In the east these energies have various names Prana to Indian Yogis, Lung to the Tibetans, Ki to the Japanese, Qi or Chi to the Chinese, in Hebrew it is Ruach & in the west it is loosely translated as ‘vital energy’, ‘vital force’ or ‘life-force’

This energy has clearly distinct & established pathways as well as definite direction of flow & characteristic behaviour just like any other circulatory system (e.g. the blood / vascular system)

The efficiency of Reiki healing lies in stimulating & revitalizing this energy flow

In order to do this Dr Usui worked mostly on the head & torso of the clients

Western Reiki practitioners also use the legs & feet to balance the energies further


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