The Merkabah is like a body that surrounds the auric field of everyone. it does not have to be consciously built, it is automatically built in

The Merkabah is used for a number of purposes, one is greater protection of the energy fields

Another purpose is it is a means to travel in. It is a vehicle of light that operates automatically even if one is never trained consciously how to operate it

Every person's Merkabah is different

We do not need to consciously spin it, it happens automatically

It is good to to ask consciously for an alignment and clearing of your Merkabah. Your Merkabah reflects your growth in consciousness

When each person astral travels at night or even during meditation, they are in their Merkabah

Each time you anchor a new light body on your ascension path, the Merkabah in a sense causes it, as it is the outermost body that surrounds your energy field

When you are sitting and not thinking, the Merkabah field extends out 10 to 50 feet; depending what you are thinking about it can extend further

It is semi-permeable providing protection to all your light bodies

The extension throughout various dimensional realms of intelligence is done by the Merkabah

The Merkabah is a vehicle which can take on any membrane or colour appearance to correspond with you and guide you into other experiences of creation, it is the hook-up or overlap between dimensions

Source: Dr Joshua David Stone & JJ Hurtak The Keys of Enoch