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LET GO OF THE PAST - Wild Oat & Wild Rose

Wild Oat & Wild Rose

Love don't live there anymore

You don't live there anymore

Yes you've had shocks, yes you've had trying times, yes you can look back & say it was hard, but don't live there. Don't bring it into the present anymore than it needs to

Free yourself from deeply instilled negative thoughts about your life, they only cause dis-ease within yourself in the here and now, which can cause very real pain. Relieving not reliving past emotional trauma is the way to go

What patterns do you repeat? Make a pact with yourself to think & feel differently from today

Don't let negative chatter about yourself come into your day. Stop it in it's tracks. I mean completely stop it! Tell it there is no room for it anymore. Don't get into dialogue or reasoning with it. Be firm. Replace it with positive affirmations about yourself

Have compassion for yourself and your life's path. Today is a time of new beginnings, different thought patterns. Have clarity of vision, adapt a new & fresh way of thinking

Let go and overcome the past, cleanse of an emotional, mental & physical level

What is the emotion which appears when you re-play the past event or thought? Is it grief, fear or anger?

Write your new affirmations down, bring them into reality

Send the Reiki Symbol for Power, the Reiki symbol for Emotional & Mental Healing down the past timeline with the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol, repeating your new positive affirmation

Eat on orange with intent to clear the past, reiki the orange before you eat it, wear orange calcite & fire opal to clear

Create an 'altar of forgiveness' space, burn frankincense oil and work with quartz & danubrite to set the new intentions when you have cleared the past

Take Wild Oat Flower Remedy to feel purposeful moving forward and Wild Rose to instill a spirit of joy & adventure

Work with Quan Yin the energy of Compassion, Lao Tzu the Master Alchemist of the Past and Serapis Bey the energy for Purification & New Beginnings

Do it with intent! You are Right where you need to be!


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