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The length of a Reiki treatment & the number of sessions required varies according to the client’s condition e.g. constitution, age, medical history, nature of illness, body’s ability to heal itself & how well they respond to treatment. Lifestyle & attitude can profoundly affect the healing process

The first session will take about an hour & a quarter allowing time for a consultation & a full description of Reiki & its benefits

Subsequent treatments will take about an hour. If a session is too short then insufficient stimulus is provided for the body to mobilize its own healing powers. Then a little Reiki is better than none at all!! If a session is too long this can cause over stimulation leading to excessive elimination & therefore discomfort

Most people will see a benefit after one session although a course of treatments is required for all conditions

This helps to balance the body & prevent a recurrence of the condition. If there is no response after several sessions the body may be unreceptive due to external factors e.g. heavy medication or psychological attitude blocking therapeutic impulses

As long as reactions remain positive there is value in continuing the treatment

Some people may wish to have regular treatments to maintain balance & help to prevent future illness


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