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Ear candles are traditionally used to cleanse & harmonize the energy fields of the aura and clear negative energies

Ear candles are considered a classic clearance therapy

High energy light from the flame penetrates through the candle tunnel transporting a vital spectral frequency inwards to important energy centres

This cleansing fire carries the negative vibrations away from the energy fields & harmonizes the energy status

Ear candles were traditionally used by shaman healers & can be traced back to Asia & North & South American Indians

They were brought to Europe from the Hopi peoples the oldest Pueblo Tribe with knowledge of healing & deep spirituality

Ancient Wall paintings show their importance in Initiation Rituals & Healing Ceremonies

Hopi means Peaceful People, they knew that Earth is a living and developing being and that all things in it are her

I use Ear Candling along with Reiki & Indian Head Massage using Daoyin techniques including 'beating on the heavenly drum'

I do not use this Thermal Auricular Therapy for clearing ear wax etc

I use it purely for Aura cleansing in conjunction with Reiki and Ear Massaging to help with receiving electrical energy from outside the body which effects our hearing, attention span & comprehension of what we hear

Benefits experienced include relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety help & calming of the mind

I may also prescribe a flower remedy tincture to help with extending benefits of the treatment (if required)

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