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Dai Ko Myo or dai ku myo (dye koo myo) - “Great shining light”. Empowerment, Intuition, Cleansing, Protection, Creativity & Spiritual connection. This is the master symbol to activate the initiation & attunement to Reiki. Like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen it is made up of oriental calligraphy known as Kanji with each section being detailed instructions for our Reiki guides to interpret. For a Reiki Master this is actually a cosmic signature showing your right to teach & heal. Using this sign during healing plugs us into the highest Reiki frequency & gives us access to all Reiki signs combined & to the energies of the Earth, Sun & Moon. Dai Ko Myo is stellar energy which gives us a deeper connection to the universal energies. It has been used as a Kotodama or mantra for hundreds of years in Buddhism. It stimulates higher consciousness & takes our awareness beyond the physical self, the astral, the mental & into the spiritual. It makes you more intuitive & psychic.

Dai Ko Myo breaks past life patterns & may open up doorways to high level guides & teachers. This allows us to receive channelled teachings on all aspects of life including new healing techniques & spiritual information.

Its colour frequency is Violet. The mid Kanji is a symbolic representation of the Japanese ‘Tori’ or temple gate. It separates the human world from the world of God & spirits & its use helps us enter the world of the divine. To pass through the Tori is to become one with Universal consciousness & elevate ourselves to the level of divinities.

Dai Ko Myo is therefore a very powerful sign. Using it implies that we are transcending the human world & that we are acting in the role of Bodhisattva* or even a divinity. This may make some people uncomfortable but working with the sign will lead to new experiences of Reiki energy. Buddhist monks still chant the Kotodama of Dai Ko Myo on Mount Kurama (where Usui had his visionary experience). This invokes enlightenment, wisdom & freedom from repeated incarnations of the cycle of birth & death. Using this sign & its Kotodama will help release past karma. Dai Ko Myo helps you recognize your true path. There are different versions of the sign but, like all the symbols, they work by intention so use whichever version feels right for you. It works at the cellular & genetic levels & is valuable for treating migraine headaches.

Master Doi says Dai Ku Myo - Symbolizes the entire universe & activates the 7th chakra. It transmits the subtle vibration of love, healing & harmony for all beings by resonating with conscious energy in a higher dimension.

Healing at the Master level is believed to affect the higher spiritual body template leading to immense transformation & healing on all levels of being & possibly miracles. Reiki removes energy blocks, frees stagnant energy, restores energy to depleted areas & improves the function & stability of the energy body. This promotes physical healing & emotional, mental & spiritual wholeness.

*being who takes on the suffering of all sentient beings, who undertakes the journey to liberation not for his or her own good alone but to help all others, & who eventually, after attaining liberation, does not dissolve into the absolute or flee the agony of samsara, but chooses to return again & again to devote his or her wisdom & compassion to the service of the whole world


Tibetan Dai Ko Mio

The Tibetan Dai Ko Mio was not taught by Usui Sensei & is not used by most traditional Reiki Masters. It is used in the spiritual traditions of Tibet, including Bon & Buddhist traditions. It has a different frequency from the Usui version but its purpose is more or less the same. It is included in your Masters attunement so you can use it if & when required.

It represents the sacred flame or Kundalini. It unifies mind & body working with the creative fire of the base chakra. It is said to pull negative energy & disease out of the body, a room or a situation & releases it. It helps spiritual growth.

This is my favourite

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