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Blue Lace Agate - A Dream of a Stone

Agate is a type of chalcedony, but is distinguished from other chalcedony by its banded patterns

Straight bands it is a Ribbon Agate

Zig Zag bands then it is known as fortification agate

The stone is said to have got its name from a river on the island of Sicily

Wear Agate to help cure insomnia and give pleasant dreams

All agates can reverse the flow of energy in any chakra, thus removing blockages

It is a grounding yet energetic stone

Blue with white stripes: Visionary, psychic, dreams

Lilac with pale blue strips: Spiritual discrimination

Pale blue with white lacy patterns: Gives a sense of security and ability to handle new situations, softens stubbornness

Use pieces of agate as a worry stones to relieve stress and become calm

Listen closely for mental messages from the astral realms when viewing this agate

Put a piece under your pillow if you have trouble sleeping or have nightmares, often you will be given valuable information in your dreams to help you gain control of your life and cut any cords of energy from other people

Blue Lace Agate is also useful in easing arthritis and for strengthening nails, teeth & bones

It soothes sore eyes and strained eyes after using a computer screen

The first crystal I ever purchased, and I still have it!


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