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Traditionally, the Reiki system contained 3 levels, ‘Shoden’ (introduction), ‘Okuden’ (2nd level) & ‘Shinpiden’ (mystery Teachings).

Originally these were used as guidelines as Dr Usui would initiate 1st & teach later in an informal & unstructured way. Dr Usui only initiated 3 Masters.

In Japan the Masters level was believed to be very special & only for the few.

Today Reiki is seen to help spiritual development, has life changing qualities, brings karmic patterns to an end & lifts the Practitioner beyond the realm of incarnating into lower forms.

Although your Reiki Master will share their 3rd level teachings on a physical level the majority of the Mystery Teachings are shared on the higher levels & mainly by guides & spiritual beings. This information is provided for the benefit of the Practitioner & the betterment of humankind.

The 3rd degree attunement connects the Practitioner to a higher level of consciousness, spiritual awareness & divine energies providing the opportunity for self-development & higher frequency healing for self & others. Past life memories may also resurface helping guide the practitioner on their life purpose.

Becoming a Reiki Master is a great honour & may result in serious life changes. The increase in your vibratory rate will be a gradual process over weeks, months or even years. It will happen at the rate your physical body can handle.

Friends you haven’t seen for a while will notice you have changed, psychically sensitive people will sense a different energy around you, people who can see auras will notice your aura is bigger, brighter & smoother.

You will find new people drawn to you who are of a similar energy frequency. You will gain new interests, thoughts, ideas & beliefs as you open yourself to new experiences. Open yourself to whatever new experiences life brings you.

As a Reiki Master it will seem as though those chance meetings & sudden opportunities have been engineered by some divine being or guide working for you.

Some people will argue that you cannot become a Master of anything in one weekend. This is true as the Masters initiation simply plugs the Practitioner into the spiritualising energy which works gradually over time.

It could be a year later that you wake up thinking “I’m a Reiki Master!”

This is a sign that the energy is fully aligned to your own frequency & is settled in.

Some people may take longer. Everyone is different & it is important not to worry about the transition period as it will happen when the time is right for you. The more you work with the Reiki energy the quicker the process tends to be.

The Masters attunement must not be seen as the end of the road as it is merely the beginning.

Some misguided Reiki Masters become victims of their own self-importance e.g. those who charge big money for treatments or courses.

In Buddhism it is tradition to never speak ill of someone who has taken the same initiation as yourself as, in a way, you are spiritual brothers & sisters. Such people have lost sight of their life purpose & spirituality as the drive towards wealth & success takes over from their original desire to heal & care for others.

It is wise to involve a friend who can bring you back down to earth should your ego start to inflate. To be a good Reiki Master you should aim to be :-

good humoured

down to earth

not overly serious

accept people for who they are (including yourself)

Do not try to change yourself as the required changes will happen naturally.

You will still be the same person you were before & won’t suddenly become a nun, monk, vegetarian or tee-total or walk around the supermarket in a flaffy new age dress.

To be useful in this lifetime you must stay connected & grounded as the person people know you as. Do not try to become something you are not.


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