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Hey there, welcome to Reiki Hippie, where we're all about rockin' the holistic vibe! We're passionate about helping you feel your best self, mind, body, and soul. Our services are a groovy mix of reiki, flower remedies, and vibrational medicine, all designed to bring balance and harmony to your life



At Reiki Hippie, we live and breathe the belief that you have what it takes to unlock the gateway to growth and healing.

Our holistic services are all about finding that sweet spot between your mind, body, and spirit.

If you're on the hunt for some spiritual R&R, we've got everything you need - from reiki and meditation to spiritual journey life coaching and other magical healing methods.

No more symptom-chasing! Our unconventional approach to healthcare is all about treating the whole enchilada, not just the beans. That's why we've cooked up our Spiritual Journey Life Coaching Programme, designed to help you hurdle over obstacles and live your best life.

reiki hippie northern ireland

I'm a flower remedy guru! Dr. Bach's famed remedies, bursting with flower essences, are my jam for balancing emotions and boosting well-being.

I'm also a vibrational medicine whiz, using different energy types to heal, kinesiology, holographic healing, crystals, angel therapy & ascended masters healing and I'm a Reiki master of over 20 different reiki & seichim energy streams

I'm ready to wipe your stress slate clean.

Whether it's physical pain or emotional turmoil, we're here to guide you to the happy side. So, are you ready to strut towards a healthier you? Fill in the form below and let's go!

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Aim high and watch the cosmos rise up to meet you!

Embark on Your Spiritual Adventure with Life Coaching Today!

Thanks for getting in touch, I'll be in contact soon to talk more

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