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Unlocking Wellness: Reiki Precepts for Transformation

Unlocking Wellness: Reiki Precepts for Transformation

The Two Precepts


1. The Person Must Ask – Or you must work on the I AM level and ask Permission

We must ask to be healed, and in asking, open ourselves up at the throat level. We vocalize and hear ourselves say, “I want to change where I am. I want to alter my state of existence.”

In asking, the person is putting forth a conscious decision to become involved. The request may also be made on a soul level. It is from the soul level that the person asks for healing.

As a Reiki healer, you are a viaduct, a channel through which the Reiki energy flows. It is essential to listen and render service to a request of the soul.

2. There Must Be An Exchange of Energy For The Service

The healing energy belongs to the Universe and to God. However, there needs to be a creative exchange from the recipient to the person whose time and services are being rendered for the healing.

Giving something for nothing causes an imbalance by the unpaid obligation.

An energy exchange maintains the balance. Energy exchange can be anything from the stored concept of energy that we call money to any exchange of services between the healee and the Reiki healer.

Reiki healers offering services on a professional level do establish a fee. This fee sets a value on the service, which is considered a concrete reality in the thinking of humankind.

Wellness, likewise, has a value and ultimately reflects the feeling of worthiness and self-love of the person seeking to change their state of health.


Unlock the power of Reiki precepts and discover the key to holistic wellness. Learn about conscious healing, energy exchange, and self-love


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