Lavender Flame Reiki Northern Ireland

Lotus Jewel of Forgiveness

Chakra- Heart Chakra

Color- Violet

By now, you might begin to think that the heart space is full of energy symbols or constructs- but we would like to remind you that the heart space is infinite and the only thing that can fill it completely is LOVE.

The Lotus Jewel of Forgiveness helps one in the practice of forgiveness- Forgiveness to others for hurting the bearer, forgiveness toward the bearer for hurting others. It carries pure Forgiveness and creates a space that can help the bearer in the attitude of that action.

This is another Personal use Jewel, one that only the bearer may use. It is no good to force people into forgiveness and they must come to it by personal, conscious choice.

Meditation: Imagine yourself within the Jewel of Forgiveness in your Heart Chakra. You sit within a Violet sphere of perfect forgiveness. From this place, you can send the energy of forgiveness into the past, present, and future. You may choose to forgive anyone or anything that has happened to you or anyone else. You float within a safe, sacred space...