Scanning (Byosen in Japanese) was a very important aspect of Dr Usui’s original Reiki teachings

The technique was used to locate the source of blockages within the patient’s body. Once the scanning skill had been developed to a high degree, it was taken as a sign that the healer was ready to progress to the 2nd degree attunement

Using scanning, the Reiki energy will inform the practitioner intuitively as to the number of treatments needed by the patient, possible sources of the disease, & where any relevant blockages in the subtle energy system may be occurring

Japanese healing systems do not ordinarily include the Chakra system, but as so many people are familiar with them we suggest that they are included in our students’ healing work as possible sources of malfunction in the subtle energy system

Daoist medicine includes eight similarly located energy centres; as Dr Usui utilized Daoist ideas in his treatments he would certainly have known about & may well have used them

The energy centre in the palm of each hand is located at the base joint of the middle finger. Chinese medicine calls this the laogong point; in acupuncture it is called pericardium four

The seat of this energy is most definitely heart or love energy, this region linking directly to the heart itself

Mentally ask to be shown the places that need Reiki, then with your left hand between 1 & 4 inches from the patient’s body start at the head & sweep slowly down

Be aware of how the energy on the palm of your hand feels. If your sense a change in temperature, or a distortion or irregularity in the energy field, you have detected a place that needs Reiki. You may feel this as a sensation of tingling, pressure, little electric shocks, pulsations or a pulling on the hand. Your hand may simply feel guided to the right spot & you will often know where the distortion is occurring before your hand gets there. These sensations & impressions may be so slight at first that you may think that it is just your imagination, trust yourself. As your experience develops your ability to scan will improve

By scanning the energy field you will have increased the client’s ability to receive Reiki during a standard treatment

If you decide to use it, scanning should be done first; the scanning process can also be done on yourself. Self-scanning can bring new perceptions about yourself that you otherwise may not have been consciously aware of. This could cover health & well being on all levels (physical, emotional, etheric) you may also become more aware of the effects of new circumstances in your daily life

When you find a distortion, accept this as a sign that there is a blockage in the flow of energy relating to certain areas of your life. These could be physical, emotional or on a higher, more subtle frequency

Allow yourself to experience the feelings that arise within you, which may relate to things you thought that you had gotten over. This can be intimate process making you aware of deeper needs, increasing your sensitivity & facilitating personal growth

Spend as long as you need on this process, giving Reiki to any area where you feel blockages or energy distortions