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Deep Healing Reiki Symbols - Unleash the Power of Halu


Deep Healing Reiki Symbols - Unleash the Power of Halu

In Milner's book she says that "Halu is the third and last Reiki symbol that Sai Baba

gave me. I give it out in my Reiki III classes, but have decided to include it within this text because I believe that it was never Sai Baba's intention that these symbols be sold alone for large sums of money."

Interestingly, however, she later states that "we must be initiated into this symbol by someone who has been initiated into this symbol in order for it to work." Again, you decide.

Her directions for drawing this symbol differ slightly from the order shown in the second, numbered version, which was taken from Essential Reiki.

Milner says she starts "drawing Zonar, saying Zonar 3 times while drawing the infinity symbol. I lift my finger and close the "z" from top to middle. Then I lift my finger again and close the "z" from bottom to middle. I draw the tall pyramid and say Halu 3 times. I draw the circle at the top, which represents the cap stone of the pyramid, counterclockwise."

She says that this symbol is "Zonar intensified"


The tall pyramid is for mental healing.

The so called tall, pointed dunce caps that they used to put on mentally slow children actually worked. However, by referring to them as dunce caps, much of the beneficial energy was negated.

The infinity in the middle of Halu is for emotional healing. By closing the "Z" the energy is enhanced."

Stein says of this symbol that it is "love, truth, beauty, harmony, balance and a deeper Ray of Healing.

Halu is Zonar amplified in power. The tall pyramid on the top is symbolic of high mental energy."


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