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Reiki Boosters Northern Ireland
Chakra Cleanse Boosters

No need for a hi-tech juicer!

Reiki Boosters reinforce your Reiki Attunements whilst widening and strengthening your chakra column and energy channels

Ideally, energy flows through the body like a vibrant, powerful river, washing through impurities & cleansing, over time blockages may build up

Reiki Boosters flush out these blockages and impurities. Imbalances are swept away allowing the energy to flow freely again

This allows for even greater amounts of Reiki to flow through you in a shorter space of time

Another thing that these Boosters do is to strengthen the palm chakra opening in the hands so they do not begin to shut down easily and so it does not reduce the flow when you close your hands

Please note it is advisable to give yourself these boosters from time to time to reinforce the flow, if you would prefer to have these Reiki Boosters given to you, please contact me via social media DM or via the website

I normally send three booster attunements over a 21 day period, allowing 7 days per attunement for integration

To speed up the integration of these boosters you may want to:

Drink lots of water (sip or swirl)

Avoid alcohol & caffeine

Cut back on meat & dairy produce

Smoke less

Carry out self treats for 21 days (use symbols)

Take CRAB APPLE flower remedy


Get plenty rest & sleep

Take plenty of hot baths - use Epsom salts or essential oils (frankincense, lavender or juniper)

Spend time in your own special place with music candles, burn oils etc.

CLEAR yourself regularly

CENTRE yourself regularly

PROTECT yourself first thing in the morning & before you go to sleep

GROUND yourself

Keep a journal of this part of your journey (& beyond if you like)


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